It’s been a while since I updated about my journey of playing full time poker.

To be honest my first month didnt go quite as I had wished for. I think I originally set my expectations too high. However things weren’t all that bad. I managed to make around 2.5x my previous salary. A lot of that was rakeback and tournament winnings….I was actually slightly down for the cash games for the month but since then I have made some key adjustments and they have improved quite significantly.

I am also playing a lot of PLO now. I would suggest that you all have a look at the PLO games. The standard of pay is far weaker plus you rakeback even more even though you are playing less hands per hour. I have played PLO for years, mainly live, so I do feel I have an edge over most at my level, but I see improvements in my game day in day out right now so definitely plan on continuing playing it. I am mainly playing 12-14 tables at a time, usually split 50-50 between NLHE and PLO.

I know to some of you this must sound silly mixing both games at the same time and playing as many tables but so far so it is working out well. Obviously playing more tables than I used to has mean’t my holdem game has tightened up with my VPIP dropping by around 5%. Studying a few of Leatherass’ videos has really helped me to play solid multi tabling poker. I was way too bluffy before in bad spots and calling from the blinds way too often, now I am just not getting myself into as many tricky situations.

This month I also added a new weekly goal. I want to play x amount of SNGs and MTTs each week. SO far I am having decent success in both. My best result being 3rd in a tourney for $811. It should have been a lot more though. I had 65% of chips in 3 handed play. 1st was $2200. I got the guy 2nd in chips all in with KK v 99 on a Q76rb flop only for it to go 8, T for a runner runner. 2 hands later I run AQ into AK and the rest is history. That’s the frustration of tournament poker I suppose.

Outside of poker I am trying to eat a good balanced diet as well as trying to work out several times each week. A healthy body = a healthy mind = + EV in both poker and life. It is so good to be able to plan my week ahead, knowing I don’t have to wake up at 7am and get the train to work everyday, seeing friends as and when I want (as long as I am putting the hours in online ofcourse). Life is so much better.